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Some more insanity

2010-07-20 15:50:13 by x2115

here is a stick figure animation- grilled cheese sandwich

Some more insanity

Condiment wars

2010-07-18 13:34:03 by x2115

Hello, here is something stupid for you:


Condiment wars


2010-05-01 20:11:31 by x2115

New video up, check it out HERE!


Tune your TV's, because I am getting painfully close to finishing "Disecting An Elephant, with Dr. Pakiderm" (and yes, It is spelled incorrectly for a reason: in the development process saturno (my artist buddy) kept making mistakes, thinking that the pachiderm layer was where the dead elephant should go.)

Anywho, make way for obscene jokes and one of the strangest channels to tune in to! See you there!

India International and APPX

2010-01-24 23:25:34 by x2115

Hello there! Probably absolutly no one is reading this! anywho, if someone is, I am concieving two new series and shall rule newgrounds (with an iron fist) with them (watch out fulp!) No, just kidding.

India International Channel
The first is a parody of national geographic, called the India International Channel, who's host is Dr. Pakiderm from Calcutta, India. He is one who likes to disect things, and in the first episode he will show you the inside of an elephant.

The second is APPX, which stands for Apocalypse Prevention Program X. It is about a group of "Superheros" who stop interdimensional apocalypses from happening... and it is more random and funny than you think that it might be.

So there you have it my invisible freind that is probably not even there! Two new things to watch out for!

X2115 & satorneo


2009-08-23 03:07:30 by x2115

wow. I am excited. For my first movie, I have gotten a good score (in my oppinion) and an annonimous (in this post) user has PMed me to tell me that they want to make a remake!?!?!?!?!?! WTF?!?!?!?!? My first fricken flash movie (which, by the way, didn't get blammed! YES!!! :D) is already making people feel good! if you would like to see it, it is right here: Hope you like it too!



2009-08-22 19:51:22 by x2115

Hi, working on my first movie/possibly game. It will probably be blamed instantly >.<, but whatever. Maybe it won't seeing all the crap hitting the front page these days, and the crap going through the portal these days. Hope that you will like it. Drinking a big glass of razzberry lemonaid, just hanging out. . .